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Remote Starter?


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Anyone use a remote starter? Here in Southern Texas with a black truck it sure is nice to get the A/C running before you get in. Especially with two little ones sitting in car seats in the back.

What remote starters have been used, are suggested, are suggested to be avoided?

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I put one in my 1996 LX450, for just the opposite reason though. We want a warm truck in the cold Wisconsin winters. The unit I had installed is called VALET and the asking price was $180.00 installed.

There is a new automotive electronic shop around town that was running a special deal for $99.00 installed. For that price I put one in my 1999, 4-runner also.

Things to note:

1. The unit I bought has a small (4-inch) very thin antenna that’s mounted on the windshield to pick up the signal from the remote key fob. On one vehicle they mounted the antenna right underneath the rearview mirror butted up to the edge of the roof liner. On the Lexus ….for some reason they mounted it in the lower corner of the driver side windshield. The one mounted under the mirror can be started from 800 feet away, the other one is half that distance. I may go back and have them relocate it. So far though it has not been a problem. I can sit at my desk and start the vehicle parked in our employee lot.

2. I had to give up the Lexus and Toyota key fobs for an aftermarket cheaper looking version (vanity only)

3. On the 4-runner, I lost the capability of rolling down the back window with the new remote key fob. I felt it was a fair exchange.

4. They had other versions at the store that ran $300 – $400 that might have more bells and whistles, but I just wanted a warm truck in the winter.

5. All alarms still work and it also unlocks/locks the doors.


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