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Anyone Running 245/40/19?

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I'm looking around for rims but @ the same time I can't decide on which size tire to go with. I don't want to go 35/19 simply because I commute 100 miles/day. Plus my explosion body kit should be on order next week and I want to lowering the GS4 by a couple inch to cover up the fender cap but don't want to have the front bumber too low. Lots of reason for me not to go with 35/19 I was wondering if I can fit maybe 235/40/19 (if I can find it) or 245/40/19 which I know is available. Perhaps witha +38 offet?

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245/40/19 is somewhat commonly known as the "fat" setup. I know plenty of people who run that and it should be fine. The diameter of the wheel, however, will be similar to people running 20s. This means that the wheel will be out of spec with an additional 1" in the diameter. You will rub a bit when making full turns.

Since you did not specify, I am assuming the wheels are 19x8.5 since you are asking about 245s. +38 offset should be fine.

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