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Power Steering Pump Replacement?


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I just recently acquired a 1992 LS400 with 164k miles. It has a very slow power steering leak and I want to replace the pump before it gets any worse. Currently it is so slight that it doesn't even hit the ground, basicly the previous owner said he had to slightly top it off every 2 1/2 months. I was just wondering if someone could post a procedure on the pump replacement or link me to where I need to be. Much appreciated!

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welcome to LOC.........the best Lexus forum around!!!

There is a ton of information on this subject. Type in "power steering pump" and other variations in the search index and you'll get all you need....

Also, type in "power steering solenoid" in the search.........I think you may want to look into cleaning the screen to alleviate higher "back pressure" which will attribute to the leak.


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Replacing the power steering pump is often not a complete solution for a couple of different reasons. For example, there is an "air control valve" attached to the power steering pump and there are 0-ring seals inside this $75 valve that are often the source of the "pump leak". Since new power steering pumps do not come with a new air control valve, the old valve gets transfered to the new pump and then the new pump still has a leak!

So the first step is to see if the leak is coming from the air control valve. This thread tells you how to do that http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index...opic=6583&st=15

Another step is to clean a couple filters in the system that get clogged over time and cause abnormally high system pressures which in turn cause / aggravate leaks. One filter is inside the power steering solenoid control valve and another filter is at the bottom of the power steering system fluid reservoir. Search the archives of the Club Lexus forum as well as this forum for more details about these filters.

So replacing the power steering pump is kind of like the last resort. In other words replace the pump only if the leaks continue despite having cleaned the filters and replacing the air control valve.

Even though you are not seeing fluid spots underneath the car, it's highly possible considerable power steering fluid has already leaked into the alternator and could soon short it out leaving your stranded. Since you have to remove the alternator for good access to two of the four the power steering pump mounting bolts, you might think about removing your alternator right now to check it out and make a protective cover for it like this out of a 1 gallon clorox bottle: http://www.saber.net/~monarch/Alt2.jpg Or, if you can see the alternator is already soaked, replace it before you are suddenly left stranded.

Here's what's involved in removing the alternator:

1. Remove battery negative terminal & jack up front end.

2. Remove battery cover screw and 12 mm

3. Remove 10 mm battery cover nut and lift cover out.

4 removed the air intake duct,

4. Remove coolant jar cap.

5. Drain coolant through radiator drain !Removed!

6. Remove 17mm coolant filler nut above the thermostat housing.

7. Remove upper radiator hose

8. Retighten radiator drain !Removed! after draining.

9. Remove two transmission cooler hoses at radiator.

10. Remove lower radiator hose.

11, Remove hose connecting radiator to coolant jar.

12. remove two two radiator support and radiator & fan electrical connector, shround strap

11. Remove serpentine drive belt.

12. Loosen 14mm upper alternator mounting nut

and lower 14mm alternator mounting bolt.

13. remove lower alt bolt then top nut

14. disconnect stuff to alternator and pull out alternator

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From one Lexus owner and Blake to another, welcome! :D :lol: Like Agent99 said, this is the best club around with the best and very knowledgable people in it! :D


Thanks, the one thing I do like about my name is that it is somewhat unique :P I can already tell this is a great community based upon the valueable information I have already received and the friendly, eager to help atmosphere.

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