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My Car Wont Start


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my car 1992 Lexus ES 300 been doing this for awhile and suddenly today when i turn the ignition it makes a noise like its trying to start but wont so wat could be the prob guys newbie here.....starter, or wat how can u tell if its this or someting else give me a heads up guys otherwise i going to be driving my lil bros 94 camry for awhile..dont like it though any help is appreaciated. Hippy

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guys u know wat i found out after asking my neighbor to take a look at my car under the hood he said that i was missing 3 i think fuses or some sort the the fuel pump,a/c fan 1, and the engine main could this be the reason y my car is not starting guys...becuase i was sabotaged...i hope its he reason.

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