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Is300 6speed Conversion


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I've been thinking alot about people who do the 2JZ-GTE swap out in their IS. A single turbo set up seems more efficient, but why do a 2JZ-GTE swap out and then change to single big turbo....why not just turbo an IS300 and do a 6speed conversion?

But thats just thoughts and also beside the point....my real question is, if you do a 6 speed conversion to a N/A IS300, will there be that much acceleration gained?

If yes, any clue as to what the procedure would cost?



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If you're going with high boost, the GTE engine is stronger.

If you change the trans from auto to 6 speed you might gain 0.5 seconds. You get more HP to the wheels with the 6 speed. Then, of course if you abuse it you'll start tearing up clutches and trans gears.

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