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Replace Bent Antenna 1992 Es300

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I bent the antenna on my 1992 ES 300. It will not go up or down. I am looking for an inexpensive way to repair it. I beleive the mast is what needs to be replaced. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Also, the A/C button started blinking last week. It does stop when I push the A/C button again. THe manual says to take it to the dealer and have the compressor checked out. Any comments? Thanks again.

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moved: pertains more to ES300 than general.

for the antenna, the mast can be popped out and i'm sure a new mast wouldn't be more than around $20 at the Lexus dealer.

for the a/c, i would take the car in to a shop and have them check the compressor and see if there's anything wrong with it.

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as far as the manuals say the ac light will blink when there is excessive back pressure on the ac compressor

i think if you hold the recir /fresh air button as well as turn the key forwarrd and press the auto one( all at the same time) it will go into diagnostic mode and give you a code if any after testing all the lights

post what it is and i will tell you what my manual says about it

to remove the antenna hold the fm button down trun the key same time

it will force the mast out

cost about 20 from lexus for a new one

put the new one teeth facing toward the rear of the car and it will retract when the key is turned off again

oh you also have to remove the slotted retainer nut at the base of the ant first

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