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Blown Subwoofer Help... Advice

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I have succeeded in blowing my sub in my 98 ES 300 with the Nakamichi upgrade. My question to you guys and ladies is will it be better for me to try to replace the sub (I still have not been able to determine the size and power handling capabilities i.e. ohm load rating, rms, etc. from the old posts on this forum) with a factory replacement from the local dealer (probably big$$$), look into an aftermarket replacement (less $$$, and the question of compatibility with the amp comes into play...), or how about I just cut the friggin' wires to the sub and I have a Bazooka tube installed in the trunk??? Has anyone done that??? If you can help me out with a link to the exact specs on the factory sub (size, rms handling, ohms etc.) I would really appreciate it also.

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