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97' LS400 no start issue


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I am new to the site, and also new to Lexus ownership. This has been a battle from day one. We purchased the car from a friend of a friend. The car is beautiful, and ran like it was brand new. Until the car sat while they were on vacation for two weeks. The car was then a no start problem. The owner of the car had the computer rebuilt by ( I think it was called relentless), still a no start issue. They decided to sell, and we jumped on the chance to pick up such a nice car. The car was taken to our mechanic, and he found an issue with the MAF wiring. After this repair, car was running great again. My daughter went to pick up the car, and all it did was crank over. Scanner showed that there was a communication issue with the key. Brought another key from the house, and it started right up. My daughter drove the car 100 miles that day showing the car off to her friends. She tried starting the car two days later, and it has a no start issue again. Back to our mechanic again. Fast forward to now. If we unplug the immobilizer, the car will start up and run for a few seconds. Then shut off, it will do this all day long. When we plug the immobilizer in, the car will only crank over. Our Mechanic feels that this is what the issue is. I have searched everywhere to find a new OEM immobilizer (89780-50020), with no luck at all. I have ordered a used one from Ebay, and it should be here this weekend. Where would be the best place to send the replacement immobilizer and keys to, for reprogramming? I was reading a couple of weeks ago about a place in Washington, but I cannot find the discussion anymore. Any tips for sync-ing the immo to the ECU?  I thank you all in advance for your assistance, because my daughter is devastated that she cannot drive her dream car. I am trying to get this solved, so she can enjoy this wonderful car again. 

Thank you, Andrew 


ps, I have attached a photo of her car. Looks as if this car was well taken care of all of its life. 


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