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96 Es ..... Stereo Quest

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yeah ... so im new... Name is Neil ... and im ganna start at this... if you wanna know more... i also posted a thing in the welcome topic.....

Anyways, for my 96 es coach ed. i wanna replace that damn radio. So im getting this new panasonic deck... its great... however every where i inquire about installation, they dont seem to know what thier talking about. :chairshot: ... i guess the biggest issue is the amp thats under the seat.... With this AMP ... 2 questions..

1. does the radio need to skip the amp and as a result connect directly to the speaker??

2. or it is ok to connect to the amp...? is this possible?

what have you all done?

any good common places to go?

Ive done my research and it seems like the best place so far is ABC warehouse ... for this install.

and i know i need a adapter kit and wiring harness...

any good places to get this from .. besides crutchfield ?

thanks guys....


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if you are geting a new deck run the speakers off of a new amp put in the trunk

otherwise it will need a good line output balancer the 10 buck ones suck

chaeper to get an amp for the rca's on your new deck

the stock amp will not work with an aftermarket deck

metra makes the install kit most car audio shops sell them for 40 canadian

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