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''Key detected in vehicle'' error message


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I have a 2011 RX350 and I've gotten the "key detected in vehicle" while the car is moving, my doors will unlock themselves and "Key Detected in Vehicle" message show on. The message stays on for a bit, then goes off on it's own, or if I lock the doors. Sometimes I got the message that the back door was open, the interior lights come on & the chimes sound. All of this while the vehicle was in motion going over bumps in the road and in tight curves. Someone have a solution how to fix it?

I tried the solution suggesting installing 2 or 3 washer lock under the rubber bumpers of the door but didn't work for me.

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If your 12V battery is good, did you check for loose battery cable clamps, especially the negative one?
I think the clue is "going over bumps in the road". This often indicates a loose or slightly corroded connection somewhere.

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