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Newbe ?s About 20" Wheels

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Hi people,

A just bought a 02 GS300, And wanted to put 20" rims on it.

Can anybody help me out here.

I was thinking 20/8.5 in front and 20/10 in the rear, or 8.5 all the way around if 10" wide won't fit out back.

Would that combination fit? What off-set or backspacing would I need to make them fit flush to the fender but not rub?

How about tire size?

Will it throw off the speedo?

What is the 5 lug spacing on the GS300? any other cars share the same bolt pattern and off-set to interchange wheels with?

I was told by the dealer that I can only put on the TRD lowering springs and still keep the warrenty.

How much lower do these springs "REALLY" lower the car?

Are they decent quality?

With 20"s would I still need to lower the car to get a good look, I don't want to mess up the ride quality in the process.

Anybody got pic's of a GS with 20's with out a kit. either lowered or not?

Lastly, any recommendation on places to check out for aftermarket parts for my new toy?

Sorry for the long note. Just so many ?'s

I want to get started tricking this thing out.

Thanks for any help.

See you around....

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Well I don't have a picture of mine right now because I am out to sea heading home from Operation Iraqi freedom, but as soon as I get back, I'll throw a picture of of mine online. I have a 1999 GS-400 with 20" Diablo Vienna SP (spin-teks). I have 20/8.5 all the way around and I was surprised that my ride is just as smooth as it was before. I didn't lower my car at all and it looks hot. You get a little rub when you make sharp turns or if you hit a dip of course, but other than that, it rides like a dream. If you wanna know more info, hit me @ browna@bataan.navy.mil

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Here goes. 20x8.5 with a +37 offset for the fronts and 20x10 with a +43 offset for the rear would be perfect, flush, no rubbing, etc. IMO. A good quality wheel will have the different sizes and offsets available for your car. For tires, 245x35x20 front and 275x30x20 rear would work perfect even with a drop. No rubbing etc. The overall diameter will increase an inch so it will throw off the speedometer slightly. The bolt pattern is 5x114.3. You must drop the car! Look into the L-tuned suspension system for the GS. Check at www.l-tuned.com. It'll drop the car 1" all around and in most areas, if it is installed by a dealer, it is does not void the warranty but check with your service rep first. If you want a lower drop try the H&R Sport springs which will lower about 1.3" front and 1.4" rear and please change the struts while your at it. You won't regret doing it all at once. IMO, your best bet would be to go with a coilover suspension system like the Tein, H&R etc. Youll have the beauty of height adjustability, in most cases 1-3" and if you opt for the EDFC with Tein, adjustability of comfort/sport dampening as well. You may have issues with the dealer warranty with the latter options.



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