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Battery Drain! I Don't Like It!


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It seems like I'm getting a battery drain overnight? I just bought this car a week ago so I'm starting to figure out the kinks. I don't see any light on in the interior or anything. I just put in a new battery last Saturday. I woke up this morning and I had to put it on the charger to get it to start. Where would be a common place that would drain power? The car runs good aside from that.

I NEED HELP....I don't want to be the jumper cable guy in the parking lot. :chairshot: :snoooorrrtttt: :ph34r:

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Actually I beleive it's the starter. The owner sold me this car for a good price and he disclosed the starter was going out. It seems when the car sits for a longer period of time (5 hours+?) it doesn't want to start. I have to keep turning the key back an forth about 2/3's of the way until the starter kicks. Once I start the car for the day and keep driving it, the cars seems to start without a problem. I know I'm in for some hefty labor on changing out the starter. I already checked. I think it's like 3.5 hours labor? Jeez! ;)

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