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Awful experience with Nifty City and CarPlay module

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I don’t know if I am the only idiot that has done business with this company. I bought an Apple CarPlay module from them and tried to install it. It didn’t work, it didn’t show anything at all, made my ML start popping when I pressed buttons. It was awful. I reached out to their support and they are by far, the most unprofessional, and unhelpful company I have ever contacted. Their explanation began with, “Our products don’t simply not work” and basically just said I did something wrong and didn’t follow their video(it wasn’t a step by step guide at all). It honestly was easy to install. It just didn’t work. After going back and forth with them several more times and sending videos, they accused me of previously installing it in another car. That didn’t happen obviously. They then said they would do an exchange if I shipped it back they would send another one. I had no desire to wait at least another month and their service was god awful. I asked for my money back and after multiple emails where they continued to be unprofessional and horrible, they finally acquiesced. I sent the device back on October 5th and I still have not seen a refund. They say they need to have a “tech” inspect it to look for damage and only after they sign off, then it could be another 10 days before I get my money back. If this kind of post isn’t allowed here then feel free to delete. I have always lurked this forum but never posted so I don’t know the rules. I just wanted to help others avoid some heartache.

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