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Data Communication Module has corrosion on it??

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My daughter-in-law is the original owner of a 2015 RX350. The check engine light was turning on intermittently. After quite a bit of time, the dealership finally said that the DCM (86741-0E030 TRANSCEIVER, Telephone) had corrosion on the connector (see attached image) which was causing a P0500 error. The invoice states: "found liquid in Data Communication Module and connector (no warranty coverage for this) replaced DCM and cleaned connector, cleared codes, verified fix." They charged her $1600 for this. She paid for the service and later that week, showed me the invoice. I have been looking at the RX350 images on the web, and the DCM appears to be in the center column near the shifter. From what I can see, the center column area is curved upwards, so I'm trying to figure out how a liquid could have made it under the area above the DCM and could have fallen on the DCM and then worked its way into the connector to cause corrosion. When I look up the P0500 code, it doesn't say anything about the DCM being involved or related to that circuitry. I really feel like they took advantage of her being a woman, she doesnt even eat or drink in the car, she is a very clean person, no kids either.




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I would've questioned why they did not clean or replace the connector, first. If that didn't solve the problem, then perhaps replacing the DCM was the only other option. 

I would call the service manager and ask him that very question. I once had an issue with an Electronic Body Control Module in a 2001 Corvette. I simply unplugged and plugged in its connector, multiple times to solve the issue. 

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