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Es300 (92) Offset

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The offset number is stamped on the wheel. For most Lexuses (Lexi?) it is 45 mm. The only exceptions I know of is the 1993-1998 GS 300, where it is 50 mm for the 16 x 7.5 rim and the 16 inch wheel for the 1993-1994 LS 400. The other dimension to consider regarding aftermarket wheels is the actual thickness of the mounting point of the wheel to the studs. If that "pad" (for lack of a better term) is relatively thick, it will affect the true offset and make it more positive, i.e., as noted earlier, change an advertised 45 mm offset to a true 35 mm. The rule of thumb I was taught is to stay within 10 mm, but I really wonder if a front drive car should stay within smaller limits, say 5 mm.

If you notice some Honda accords, they also have a 45 mm offset, but because the mounting "pad" is so thick, the outside face of the wheel actually extends beyond the width of the tire. That is why many Hondas have badly scratched stock rims by curb rubs. American Racing used to have a lot of information about the wheel dimensions for cars, but I don't know if they still do.

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squarehat, what is the load rating of the tires on your rig? I would like to get 17 inch rims for my '93 to fit bigger brakes, but I cannot find a tire load rating of 92 for tire size P215 50 VR17. The highest load rating I have seen for that size is 90, which means the tire needs to be inflated at 34 psi to maintain the correct load of a 92 tire at 28 psi.

The next size up P225 50 VR17 tires have a load rating of 93, but the tires are so big that they look like they will rub the fenders.

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Ronald, the tires are 215/50-ZR17, 91W, M+S. Looking at a chart on the Tire Rack website, there's not a huge difference in load rating between 91 and 92. The ES isn't a super heavy car for its size, either (my '96 is listed at 3374lbs curb weight).

More info on the Sumitomo's I have:


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