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Finally Added A Hitch


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After too much homework and one returned hitch and a bad experience at Uhaul I finally got my hitch installed on my 01 rx300. I turned out very good. I ended up ordering online from hitchmart and got the hidden hitch 70777 class III round hitch for $127 with free shipping. Other sites were charging $80 just to ship.

It looks very much like the factory install which my friend has and the hitch is well hidden. The key is to get the rounded hitch style, in my opinion the rounded hitch is pleasing to the eye.

The install and wiring was done at a local rv shop and was around $150 including the wiring parts.

the dealer estimate was $900-1000 for the hitch installed.

I have on order a cargo carrier extension which I will load up for camping, as the rx300 does not have a lot of storage room in the back but this was my plan all along. I also have a roof carring bag for sleeping bags etc... so this should all give me plenty of room.

the only caveat is the hitch was a little scratched in shipping, it could have been packaged better since it is such a heavy item. I debated returning it but was not worth the effort since the damage was minor.

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I ordered the class II from the same place and paid $127 for the hitch and $16 for the wire harness. Got free shipping as well and had one of my employees install it at my shop so installation was free.

Now I'm ready to take my jet ski out for the season! :)

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