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Automatic Not Shifting Down?


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I just bought my first Lexus LS400 a week ago Sunday from a private seller. Yee-haw! :cheers: I love these cars. My friend use to have a '91 LS400 who turned me onto these fabulous cars. They ride like a dream. I'll try to attach a photo that I took this weekend. I hope you can see it. It was repainted about a year ago to solid black. It's a 1990 and it has 131K miles on it.

I bought the car pretty cheap because it needs a little mechanical work. It's as good as it gets appearance wise for a '90. Great paint and excellent interior with the leather in great shape. First it needs to have a new starter replaced but it still works. Sometimes I have to try a few times then it turns over. I usually have to do that when I haven't drove it for awhile like in the morning. Yeah, I know it's labor intesive. I have a guy that's a Lexus mechanic that will do it for $150 + parts out of his garage. I think most garages are quoting from $500 - $800 w/parts. Probably more like $800... I wonder if there is any do-it-yourself guides on the net that would help. I did a lot of work on my Nissan 300ZX and a lot of people told me it was too hard. It takes a little getting use to due to the cramped space but it was managable. That would be nice to work on my own car if possible. If not, I will pay the piper.

It seems to run fine aside from this auto shifting mystery. It seems to shift right for the first 15-20 min's. Then after warming up, it sometims will not shift down when accelerating from a stop or a slow speed. Yes, I have overdrive off and the ECT power on. It accelerates good but it doesn't kick down into 1st or second. It feels like it's in 3rd or 4th because I don't see the RPMs kick up like they should when stomping on the gas. I was told by another Lexus home mechanic guy that it may need to have the tranny serviced due to clogged tranny line filter(s) or low tranny fluids. It may have never had it's tranny serviced yet? That sounds right but is this the symptoms? The tranny doesn't slip or anything. I had a auto tranny go out on my '91 Nissan 300ZX last year and I know what that feels like. It starts slipping here and there then it gets worse real fast.

I live in the Seattle/Bellevue area if anybody knows of any good Lexus resources (mechanics and Lexus wrecking yards) out here. Thanks. :)

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