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Window Motor

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On my 92 es300, every so often, the window on the driver font stops working. It is always when the window is all the way or partially down.

The way I have gotten it to start working again is by opening and slamming the door shut. It works after this, sometimes.

Also, the window goes up and down significantly slower than in my old car, a 1990 Mercury Cougar.

I was wondering if this is due to the alternator, or the motor for the window. If it is the motor for the window, is it possible to put a Ford window motor in, or can I only use Toyota parts?

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when winding the window up apply some pressure on top of the glass.. if the motor stops then the motor and regulator will need replacing. Both mine ar dead.

looking at $350 a side plus labor!

I also used to get the window stopping and starting when slamming or when i punched the door LOL

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Every window motor and gears are shaped differently especially from another auto manufacturer, so I doubt whether you'll be able to make it fit without a lot of modifications. Yes, The Toyota power window motors are slower moving than other car makers. :(


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its an electric motor that uses brushes. This is the characteristic sign of worn out brushes.

Unfortunatley you can't replace the brushes unless you can identify the manufacturer of the motor and contact them directly. Or match the brushes up with new ones at a electornics warehouse (Radio Shack will not have this). Removal of the motor is tricky, the window glass mush be supported. But it can be very easy on some cars and very difficult on others. The hard part is getting all the wiring and mechanical hook ups back in place. If you can get the motor out, the brushes are the electical pads that ride on the center shaft of the motor. They should just pop out when you get the motor out, some may have a tiny screw to hold them in or they may be spring loaded.

Window motor replacement is the quickest.

Been there, done that.


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ebay or a wrecking yard

but are you sure it is the motor

have you jumpered the motor to see if it works fine first?

save some money and trace the problem before going the dealer route of replacing parts

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Okay guys, I finally got around to opening up the door and looking at the motor and regualtor and everything else. I was looking at it for like and hour, and I got nothing from it, as far as what was wrong. I wasn't exactly sure what I was looking for, but I noticed some things of note.

First, the window it self has a lot of play when I push it down. When it is all the way up, I can pull it up like an inch, but then it falls back down. I was comparing it to the other side, and I noticed that the "security notice" sticker on the passenger side window was about 1/4 up, but on the driver side, it is not ar far up.

Also, I can make the window rock back and forth, as if it was on a hinge.

As far as I could see, the switches were fine, and the main thing that stuck out to me was the metal part in side the door at the top, that is screwed into the window glass it self. That was what was rocking back and forth when pushed.

Please ask any questions of things that I saw when I was looking in the door, so you guys can figure out this problem some how. Summer is coming up, and I would like to be able to roll down thw window!

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you need to jumper the window motor to see if it works

this may not be as easy as chanigng oil

so you may need to take it to a pro

also the window move becasue it needs adjusment

nothing really to fix but also better left to an expert as it is a pain in the behind to hold the window an adjust the bolts in the right direction

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I am using this forum as a way to find DIY solutions. Even if it is hard, I am willing to try it. This includes fixing and adjusting the window. I can ahve someone hold the window while I adjust if that is the main problem. Also, I can try to jump the motor. Would it be easier to get a new one and just replace it?

Is there a step by step guide or tutorial for how to adjust or jump the motor?

If not, can you give me instructions?

Also, the window was working again today, but was getting stuck still. This is an improvement-For the last two weeks, it did not work at all!

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well atlaest you have the right attitude to learning

now you need a volt meter

this will show power when and where it is

no real tutorial on tryig to trace a wiring system

it kind of is a hands on thing

where you have to look and meter each wire to see response when a the switch is pressed

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when the window moves up and down, is the gear on the motor moving slightly too.

If they are, the motor is not holding position.

Just replace it and all you problems will go away. just my $2 bet.


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