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NX350h Alarm sounds at random

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I have a 2022 NX350h, (2 weeks old), and today the alarm on the vehicle started sounding. The SUV is locked so I don't know why it would start sounding an alarm. It has done it three times today, and this is the first day it has done this.

Interior lights are off, so I don't think the battery is draining.  Any thoughts?


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I would take it in to the dealership for inspection. If it were an older vehicle, I'd suspect a loose connection or faulty sensor.

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Yes, I am taking it in this morning. Since my first post, the alarm triggers appx every 20 minutes. It was a fun time trying to sleep overnite with the key fob in hand, either hitting unlock when it goes off, or hitting the unlock on the fob extending the time until it would go off again. Needless to say I am tired. This is a new vehicle, and is my first Lexus. I think maybe it is a door sensor, as it is thinking that the door is open, and after about 20 min, it sounds an alarm. Just my guess.



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