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Question About Cd Changer


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Hi guys I´d like to ask if somebody already tried to fix CD changer on the first generation LS. I have Nakamichi premium sound and the changer worked fine till yesterday. I started my 1991 LS and didn´t hear any sound just notice the ERROR on the display I tried to remove cartrige, checked everything. Visually everything seens to be OK. Is possible that enything needs to be clean or how I can figure out what is wrong with that ? Thank you for any advice !!!

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I have a 91 and at first I had this problem.

It turned out that the CDs were installed incorrectly -- I put them in like any normal person would with the label up but it turned out they go in label down. I changed it and no error message anymore.

If you can remove the cartridge then check that. I don't know if there are any fuses that you could check but if you get no power then that might be a start as well.

In the event all else fails, you can usually find these on ebay for reasonable price.

best to you...

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Thanks guys but the CDs are right there. I was listening the music one day night and next day morning it was error there. So I still don´t know what it can be just thinking to remove the CD player and try to open it and clean it but .....

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