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Ls400 Stock Stereo Replacement


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I just bought a 94 ls400 and disconnected the CD changer and I guess becuase the thing was on it fried it. So now I can pay the dealer a ton to fix it, and its only the pioneer not the Nak, or replace it with an aftermarket headunit that will give better sound.

I'm opting for the aftermarket, Im thinkin something with a motorized screen... anyone out there done something like this before???


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I have a 1991 LS400 with the factory Pioneer tape /CD. I think the motor on the tape player may be going and I've thought about an aftermarket replacement too. All a dealership can do is remove the broken unit and replace with a REFURBISHED unit of the same type - cost: around $500.00.

The advantage ? You have an original system for your car - only important if you want as much original as possible. The sound is as good as any unit on a luxury car.

If you want mind-numbing wattage, you need an after-market system. They're cheaper - a good one can go for aroung $300.00 , but the fit / finish on the dash won't be that great (I did the "aftermarket system on my last lexus) and you may have a Stereo guy !Removed! around with your electrical system. You will also have to upgrade all speakers to accomodate the higher wattage, as well as possibly having to install other expensive electrical add-ons.

In the end, it's a matter of interior aesthetics VS. blood coming out your ears. When I need to replace my unit, I'll go with the original for a replacement.

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There is full DIN aftermarket replacements I believe? I think I saw one at Car Toys? I don't think they there are any better thant the stock ones though. Mine works fine but I don't like the cassette player. Don't have any tapes!

Does the stock Pioneer stereo have a hookup in the trunk for a changer? I just bought this car so I don't know....

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If your car didn't come stock with the CD changer, chances are there isn't a wire for it in the trunk. If you can pull back the carpets and don't see an extension cable on the right side, chances are you don't have it. But I would recommend checking with the dealer and ask them where they mount the changer on your year's LS400.

If you have a stock Pioneer, United Radio Service in Syracuse, NY can rebuild it for you.


I changed my radio because I wanted to have a better functioning stereo. Plus I wanted to add a NAV system. So I opt'd for the more expensive DVD/NAV and CD changer stereo with remote display console. One of these days I'll post it on this website and show everybody.

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Thanks UCF3...

Here's the reply that I got back from United Radio, Inc.:


We have a 12-disc Pioneer (remote control) trunk-mounted changer for

$230 w/ 2 year warranty.

We also have a 6-disc Pioneer (remote control) trunk-mounted changer for

$175 w/ 1 year warranty.

Please give me a call at 800-448-0944 if you have any questions.


Bill Reichert

Radio Sales

United Radio, Inc., Automotive Division

I looked in the trunk yesterday and I couldn't find anything. I didn't want to tear up the carpeting either. It would be on the right side. What would the plug look like? A female plug that is round, square, etc?

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The plug should be squarish, and should be female. Most LS400's with the Pioneer don't come standard with it. It's usually a dealer install after you buy the car.

As for what you have from United Radio, it doesn't sound like Bill doesn't have a genuine Lexus part. He might be trying to sell you an aftermarket Pioneer system. The part that pushed me was when he mentioned "Remote". The actual LS400 part would not include a remote. It's connected directly to your onboard Pioneer system. Only in that case will the wiring harness in the trunk, if you have one, will be useful. Otherwise the aftermarket will be running through a FM Modulator. It runs on one of the frequency settings of your stock radio. It can S^k sometimes. I was recommending United Radio thinking you might have a stock one, and it might be performing poorly.

Sorry, didn't mean to mislead you.

If you're interested in getting an OEM CD changer, I can get you one a little cheaper than what the dealership will charge. Since I will be getting parts from the manufacturer in bulk, I might be able to get it cheaper than $1k the dealers like to charge. PM me if you're interested in that.

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