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92 Es300 Keyless Remote Battery?

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When I purchased my 92 ES300 used, I was glad to see it had keyless entry. However it didn't seem to work. So I opened the keys after reading the posts that say to first check the battery. Well, lo and behold there were none in the key! So my question is:

What type/kind of battery (voltage, size, brand, etc) do I need to purchase to try and put in the key? If then the remote doesn't work, I'll have to try the next steps and see if buying a new key is worth it. But I'd at least like to try!


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AxelinDC, I'm not certain if your 92 is like my wife's 97, but I suspect so. In that case there is a separate key fob about 2 inches long, an inch wide, and a quarter inch thick. It is not a key but the actual remote itself with 3 buttons on the front, lock, unlock and trunk opener, and a red panic button on the reverse. Using a screwdriver to pop it open reveals a battery about the size of a nickle. Hope this helps.

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