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Gremio I Need Your Help


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on monday 6-15-04 my LS started to act funny.Then i got a check engine light and the track off light on.So i came here to see if anybody else has had this problem.I found someone that did.Read the post but does not say if he/you found the problem(pin pointed the problem).So i'm asking gremio if he got is problem solved and how much did it cost.I just got my 94 Ls in jan and i'm in love i want to get a gs,sc in 6months.So i can have to lex's that i can love.I hope i dont have to put the Ls to sleep :cries: My baby is sick can anybody help me :( THANKS to all that replys

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Do a search here on how to pull the error codes. My first guess is that it's your main o2 sensors. There's tons of doc's on where you can get the o2's from.

Mine went bad a year or so ago, it does throw the check engine and turn the track off as well.


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