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Ls430 Trailer Hitch


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I noticed when searching for a hitch for my 00 LS that hitches were not available for LS430's although they are available in other countries and the LS430 is rated to tow trailers as heavy as 4,400 pounds. A decent hitch shop should be able to fabicate a hitch for your LS430 although it will likely cost a lot more than an off the shelf hitch. A larger issue may be the trailer light wiring harness. Although the LS is a great tow car, IMOH it would be a lot more fun to drive from NJ to AZ without worrying about a trailer. I drove from Kansas City to Phoenix (1500 miles) in a Chrysler van two weeks ago and I didn't consider it to be a fun drive. It was way more fun flying to Phoenix last weekend! By the way, U-Haul sells hitches made by other companies and simply puts the U-Haul label on them. I had a Reese hitch on my first LS (same as sold by U-Haul) for 14 years and it worked great.

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