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How Do I Install Clear Bumper Side Markers?

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how do i install the clear bumpre side markers i just got mine in the mail...i will greatly happy if you guys help!

Also what headlight bulbs can i put in my car to give it that nice Not all blue but bluish look?? i want it for all the lights in the front!!

Thanks :D

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Can't help you with the bulbs since I went ahead and installed HIDs.

As for the side markers, the easiest way is through the fog light. Just remove it and you will be able to get to the side markers. Have fun. :)

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its very easy just go through the wheel wells ..take off the lower and mid screws and push the plastic shroud in and the screws for the sidemarkers will be accessable (10mm i belive they where) its about a 15 min job if you need more help email me supra498@usa.com i can walk you though it. :cheers:

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