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Fastest Sc 300 (is This True?)

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CT, sup man...I have no doubt you'll be a strong contender for that title.

AJ...Lar's Supra now runs 9.0, driven to the track w/ the ac on. worry me.

Thanks Jon!! Did you get your car back yet?? I've probably seen it more than you have over the last few months ;)

I had a quick favor to ask of you as well. Can you send me any pics of your stereo setup on the car? I'm in the market and wanted to see how to take care of the fact our head units are larger than a double din. Thanks brotha!


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well all this talk about STI's doing 6? haha i think not now im not trying to be a *male genetalia* and pick a fight with whoever said this but sure the STI's are very quick off the line due to AWD but there is no way in hell id put money on an STi over a 2jz simply for the fact that it is a very strong engine and one of the few capable of being tuned to 1000 hp + sure it takes more money than any of us have but it is possible now i am a big fan of the STI and the evo 8 but id rather have a car such as a supra or even a mitsu vr-4 simply for the fact that either of these engines are capable of much more power than either of the latter

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Just give me your e-mail Chris. And no, e-man crapped out on the dyno, AEM being installed as we speak, then we'll be done.

soarer479, pretty sure most of us agree with you on that..just made a small revision to your post.

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True....matter of fact it should be noted that the VR4 and Evo both have the 4G63 motor and are both therefore capable of the same power potential. The 2JZ can produce more power but there is definitely something to be said for the ability to put that power down to the ground. Depends what you like, that's why there's more than one car manufacturer.

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I was refering to the VR4 3000gt, not the galant vr4.

Galant vr4 = 4g63/3000gt vr4 = v6tt (don't know the engine code)

I'd take a 4g63. Not the other transverse mounted chrysler v6 with a couple turbos one.

Now a good dizm will run away, until the crank walks out the back. :P

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When is the bon fire ceremony going to be to burn the E-manage unit :D

Still debating which method of incineration...launching out the window @ 150, dousing in C-16 and lighting, sulfuric acid, running it over, crunching in a vise....or actually returning it. I spoke with Charles GReddy today and their tech e-man tech Kenji, they're sending my unit back to me with a note that states it may be returned. For the record, me and Lar where right...GReddy said there was nothing wrong with the unit, we made a little bet that they would say that, we had already ordered the AEM before waiting for their response. They had the nerve to tell me this was the absolute first time they ever heard of this, I told them I knew of a couple ppl so homey don't play that.

Chris....i'll try to get you those pics tonight if I have some time.

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Share on other sites everyone jsut counting horses these days....

i'll leave the STi subject alone since i dont really care for them either, but i've heard STi's doing some crazy stuff out there...

and for the ones who posts "2jz...1000+hp..."

would you bet your money on some heavily modified supra against some heavily modified rx-7? FYI, rx-7's does 1000+hp(for the skeptics, which is cool and all, but go online, read some car books before you protest my own research)....rx-7 weighs 2800lbs....that's about 800 lbs lighter than the supra....

hell i love the 2jzgte...that's why i have it...but comon, be a little may be a world class motor, but it's not alone....

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