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I Am In Trouble With My New Gx470


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I love Lexus. But, this one, GX 470 I got last week has so many problems:

1. Back seat air condition has a "out of spec" part, 5 hours service has scheduled and waiting for part coming from other area. All GX 470 manufactored recently has this problem (I was told by Service Manager). There is ONLY one part left in USA this week.

2. RHAC off button ONLY works when the car is not moving.

I try to switch to another car, they do not agree. This is a car I got only three days.!!!!


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Give the dealer a chance. All cars have little things, even when only 3 days old. They know how to fix it, they will fix it, and they'll give you a loaner while they work on it. Why would they let you trade cars when its a problem they know exactly how to fix? Odds are they'd have to fix the new one they gave you also, JMHO.

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