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Veilside Executive Kit

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Hello again friends, ok ive waited long enough, the brake light went out on my stock wing and im using that excuse to buy a whole new spoiler. I have decided on the Veilside executive wing.

A couple of questions for anyone who knows. Is it a one piece wing? Will i have drill holes in my trunk from the stock wing? If it is a one piece, any known problem with it sratching or rubbing the side of the car, where it hangs down? Who can i order it from in the states?

Any info on this part will be appreciated.

thanks again, Bubble boy.

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The wing is one piece and it has holes for screws, though you could use double sided 3M tape for mounting, since it's a flush mount wing. I haven't installed mine yet, but I rested it in position on my trunk and it doesn't appear to have any possibility of rubbing. You will have to move your center Lexus badge down or remove it for the wing to fit properly. You can purchase directly from http://www.sp-power.com/catalog/info.php

<img src ="http://www.fototime.com/1486E8680386DF0/orig.jpg">

<img src ="http://www.fototime.com/E50238530D89248/orig.jpg">

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Thanks Omega, i saw the pic of your wing, you lucky dog.

About the drilling holes, i meant to ask if after installing the new spoiler, will i have holes visible from the stock spoiler? or does the veilside wing cover them.

And about the rubbing or scratching, i was thinking about when the trunk is being shut, and mine slams down pretty fast, it seems like the ends might make contact. I relize you dont have yours installed yet so it might be hard to tell.

Do you know anything about the WIN Racing spoiler, it is fairly similar to the Veilside. Im still juggling the two of them in my head.

Thanks for the link, and the input. You saved me a lot of time.

Bubble boy.

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I do not know much about the Win stuff, and I don't think the Veilside will cover the stock spoiler holes, but I could be wrong. You might ask over at


These guys are pretty into modding and know all the details about this stuff. Based on the stock spoilers position I would think the holes might be more toward the front of the car as compared to where the Veilside kit mounts. Good luck.

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Neither of the two wings mentioned will cover the stock mounting holes. I know the Veilside won't because people have tried. I have the Win Racing and although it is a large piece, it will not cover the holes nearer to the back window.

I only know of the DSR wing (stock looking but flushed instead of raised like the stock wing) that will cover the stock holes. It is not quite available yet, but soon.

If you go for any other wing, you'll have to fill the stock holes and repaint.

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