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Aftermarket Amp/stock Stereo

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Ok, I know this has been talked about in the past. I am wondering about the best way to do this without a new head unit? Just for a little better bass response.

I have the 97' with the factory Lexus 6 speaker syste'm with a factory 8" sub. The sub really doesn't cut it! I would like to pull the stock 8" woofer- leaving a hole (allowing sound to come through). I would like to put a aftermarket sealed inclosure 10" and an aftermarket amp to push it.

Can I just do line-out from the sub to the new amp? What would be the prefered method. I know they have some sort of line-out to RCA conversion, are they any good? If so what make? And if you do this, will it cause problems with the factory head unit- as it is no longer powering the stock sub?

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and easiest is getting a new sub only amp with a sealed enclosure for it to mount to the original hole using a crystal line line translator

ok is to not use a translator as it is only bass

then there is a good free air sub and amp with built in high pass

cheapest is just sticking a new 6" or 8" sub either free air or a sealed on with a box using the factory amp even a bazzoka tub facing up would work nice but look odd.

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How about a new sealed enclosure 10" and amp getting signal from the factory 8 line output? What is a crystal line? I also couldn't find any freeair style woofers, as most shops told me they would suck. I was told that they could build an enclosure to mount under the stock location with a nice new 8" sub and leave or replace the stock amp? What do you think?

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how much do you want to spend is what will determine what you can do best

A crystal line is a line level apadter for speaker inputs from stock equipment , It is the best out there i had 2 for my ES before i got a deck it is as close to getting rca outputs as you can form an oem system

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