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Vft Bushings '90-'94 Ls400 Available In June/july


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The VFT bushes are slightly stiffer than OEM from what I have read from SC and

Soarer owners. I am not sure what the price will be.

From Lextrem.com

The VFT bushes are not like typical aftermarket Nylothane/Polyurathane hard durometer bushing kits, which, whilst being a cheaper option, will also ‘noticeably’ degrade a vehicle’s ride quality and comfort level.

An increase in braking stability is also achieved with VFT control arm bushings as the control arms will not shift or oscillate forward and backward under the extreme lateral loads experienced during heavy braking. If other suspension upgrades such as springs struts or sway bars are installed the benefits of each will be maximized when used in conjunction with the VFT bushes.

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I have seen them all.. OEM, Daizen, VFT and some from South Africa. By far, the VFT is best on the market. Its a complete new bushing with stainless steel out shelves. If you have other products.. they are cheap quality and that is why they sell then cheap... VFT cost more, but the way its structured..... its worth every penny.

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I'm going to sound like the biggest idiot here, but what exactly are the bushes...is it like the suspension? And how do you know when you need to replace them? I have about 90K miles.

Hopefully, i'm not the onlyh one with that question.

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they are part of your suspension and when u hear cracking or metal noises while ure going over the speed bump or smth like it it means that its time to change em.

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