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Front Suspension Parts


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The lexusownersclub.com LS400/LS430 forum has been a great deal of help in fixing

up my '91 LS400.

Currently has 154k miles. My wife think I am crazy but I have driven the car from San Jose to Chicago.


Timing Belt/Water Pump, Pulleys, Drive Belt, Rotors/Pads/Calipers - I am a caution nut!

Next Repairs:

To replace both Cats, Rear Struts/Springs, All rubber bushings, Front Control Arms, Steering Rack,

and rear axle boots.

Great thing about this car is I got it for only $1500 with 143k miles.

I have just purchase a few front suspension parts at http://www.stopshopanddrive.com

I have purchase all of the parts below.

Left or Right Outer Tie Rod End at $19.53

Left Inner Tie Rod $11.19

Right Inner Tie Rod $14.20

C.V. Joint Boot Kit inner & Outer each $7.74 for a total of $30.96

Left or Right Front Ball Joint lower $32.74

Another great site for those of you that need a Catalytic converter. I have not

purchase any parts from this company of yet.


I have not purchase any of the parts below.

90-94 Lexus LS400 Front Catalytic Converter at $153.61

90-94 Lexus LS400 Rear Converter Assembly at $208.81

I plan to disassembly my Intake and Valve covers and replace all of the gaskets, change my transmission fluid, differential fluid and more. This is fun, since I have

not worked on a any vehicle in a long time. Also, I plan repaint the exterior and

redo the interior.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with any of my companies above and the posted

information is my own personal experience.

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