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Does The Lcd In The Radio's Ever Go Black As Well?


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I have seen a lot of complaints about the climate control LCD's going black over time on the Lexus' of the 90s, but have never seen a complaint about the radio LCDs. The radio LCD seems to be exactly the same as the climate control LCD, which is why I am asking. Seems as if they would go out too after time. :unsure: Has anyone here ever had their radio LCD go black as well? What causes the LCD's in the climate control go black? I still have not fully understood it. :wacko::unsure: :D

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The lcd on the radio seems to stay good on the ls400. The radio and climate control are made by different companies. I'm guessing that the lcd was also made by different companies and the company that made the one for the radio did a better job. I heard that the problem with the lcd on the climate control is that the liquid crystal leaks out. The radio lcd doesn't seem to thave this problem.

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