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Good Tips To Remove Emblems

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Hi Wanda: I'm about to do the same and have been told to put the car out in the sun for an hour or so and then use floss or a piece of fishing line. This will cut throught the old double tape and not damage your paint. How much did you spend on ebay and what did you get?

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Hey CW,

yea wanda does sound like a gal. Let me know how it goes. I made the mistake of telling my brother-in-law to order me a set from his dealership. it's going to run me $250 :censored: That is twice what you got yours for! I'm also getting new springs from him and I bought KYB struts. I plan on doing the sturts and springs sometime this summer. B)

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you guys are so stupid :P

you should just have some chrome shop, re-chrome the pieces for you, it shouldnt cost more than $100. :)

did try couple of chrome shops here, one quoted $125, one was $150, so I went ebay for $129 brand spanking new with auto-grade adhesive!

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When I attempted to remove by emblems so I could replate them with Gold, they were very difficult to remove. They are not only glued on, the also have a !Removed! pin on the back of them that has a locking ring on the back. These locking rings are very difficult (I thought impossible) to remove. To remove the ones on the back, you would have to tear out the interior of the trunk. The front ones are so far inside the bumper, that you can't reach them. Since you are replacing them, I guess it is OK to break the old emblems. If any one has actually removed them without breaking them, I would be interested in knowing how. I ended up replating them while they were on the car, except for the ones on the wheels, they are very easy to remove. In case your interested, I bought a gold plating kit off of E-Bay for like $30. It does work semi well, but the gold is more of a brassy appearance. And surface preparation was a pain. You have to polish the surface and then use jewelers rouge as final preparation. But, they look better than before, so it was a cheap way of sprucing up the old SC400.

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must agree with marty witt that it's impossible to remove old emblem without breaking them.

I've done replacing all 4 emblems yesterday. fishing line works great to cut thru the sticky-back, but the 'pins' are impossibe to be released from exterior because of the locking mechanism. u can neither release them from inside the bumper/trunk panels because they are locked on the outter panel and completely blocked by inner panel. so, I ended up just breaking the old plastic (yes! it's plastic costed with gold chrome) emblems sectionby section at a time.

in fact, most of the time was spent on removing the remains of the old adhesive and cleaning up the panel surface for the new emblem.

for those suggested or thinking about bringing the old emblems to a chrome shop to be re-plated, FORGET IT, it's impossible!

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