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New Dents After Dealership Service?


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So we took our car to get the windows fixed. They were acting funny (press up, goes down, etc). That was about the 4th time we went to get the windows fixed, and each time they claimed it got fixed..and it did..for awhile.

Finally, this last time, when we got the car back, we noticed a couple dents that we never noticed before. Even the guy driving the car saw them, looked at the car status sheet, and saw that the dents weren't marked down when we took the car in. Our service guy came out and talked to us. He said that we have to be sure they made those dents. Or else if they looked at their cameras, and saw that NOT ALL the dents were there, they wouldn't REPAIR A SINGLE ONE! Is that company policy?? That if they see that even ONE dent was caused by their maintenance folks, they wouldn't repair it because not ALL dents were caused?? :angry:

And when we asked to see the pictures if they claimed none of the dents were caused there, he said we could only see them if we went to court!!

Please tell me what to do! :cries: Because I'm sure that at least one of those dents were not there before! Its hard to miss!! I hate knowing that my car had a dent that I was not responsible for! :( Help!

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If they marked none down but this is some and you are sure they were not there befoer then they wont go to court tell them to fix it or call lexus head office, let them know you are being threatened with civil court action for there damages. I am sure they will respond as needed.

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do you have a copy of the sheet that says no dents?

get a signed copy as soon as possible that you brought it to the service managers attention immediately after receipt of the vehicle. any time more time elapses now could be used against you.

Anyway, discuss this with the service manager AND general manager of the dealership as well as the customer service rep.

If they say you can only see it in court, then take them to small claims court. First give them the chance to make it right. You have the paper indicating no dents and you brought the dents to their attention immediately upon receipt of the vehicle. If they tell you to take it to court, then say ok and leave.

File the paperwork with the small claims court for that district. Get names of all people you have conversations with and make notes of all conversations. Details, time, names, etc.

Hope for the best. You have to prove that they were neglegent. Hopefully they won't digitally tamper with any pictures they may have. I am assuming these are survailence pictures or does this dealership take pictures of the condition of each car before and after services?

Bottom line....call their bluff. It only cost a minor filing fee and if you win, they pay it.

keep us posted.


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