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Need Info On Lexus Resources Folks


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Hi folk, I am in the process of researching the Lexus trends in the US and where the main Lexus (buy/sell/trade/auction/bulk-buy/percentage of market share) are. Can someone help. I am in New England. It has been a tough research so far and my quest has brought me to you this nice web. I am really hopefull that you nice folks will give me some good pointers. A free Lexus to the one who directs me to the biggest resource in North America (just kidding). Well!! I can always send you a dinky size Lexus. :D . Thanks.

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Hi Steviej,

Thanks for responding. My research is for a report. I am working on developing a library so this kind of research will be very helpful for people. Actually I could ask the admins of this web site to add a link to that research as well for people to access. That's after the research is completed of course. But I hope that quenches your curiosity a bit. So do you have something for me???


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That info is very specialized. I don't know of anyone besides consumer reports, Lexus Corporate, Toyota, or NADA that would have that info. It would be interesting to see. I'd be surprised if anyone here has that info though. You do realize that is a very strange request.

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AWJ nailed that one right on the head.

This is not a site that keeps such facts. For the most part, what you would get on user group sites is purely personal opinion and speculation. No one here has access to all the specifics that you are looking for...at least that I know of.

This is data that periodicals may have so you could try publications such as Road&Track, MotorTrend, AutoWeek, etc. as well as the AWJ mentioned sites.

I wish I could be of more help, but I don't keep such statistics for myself.

Good luck.


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Actually guys I just needed the places where Lexus only auctions are held. Some people on this web site have mentioned that they know of Lexus only auctions and some have also bought their cars from auctions and also from general auctions. I just wanted know if people know which states and cities these auctions where, if they were open to public or not and if there where other resources that had these things listed that people from this group have come accross. Hope that makes sense. I am not looking to write a scholarly gernal on this. just want to gather general info so it can be listed for easy access.

Cheers and thanks for taking the time to send me your replies.

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I am not looking to write a scholarly gernal on this.

I should hope not, because it is spelt journal.

just playin' with ya. :D

I understand you quest now. Might I suggest going to the state wide auto auctions and ask questions there. Framingham and Concord MA I believe still have the big auctions. Ask the people buying the Lexii if they are in the know of the infor you want.

Hopefully someone here might be able to help you out.


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Hi LexEconomy,

Welcome to the forms here. I think steviej is right about the Lexus

auctions being held in Framingham, MA. Basically, from what I've heard

cars that have come off lease from Lexus Financial Services do go first

option to Lexus dealers. But not all cars, are picked up by them. Some

are released because they have higher mileage, or have insufficient

service, or owner-abused through a lease.

I looked at one 2002 RX that a private used-car dealer bought at the

auction. I questioned if I could attend at auction but was informed it's usually

only dealers, used car sellers, and only if you knew a dealer who would take

you in (might be an admittance fee too).

Just shop your area, I did 3 dealerships in 3 states before I found

what I was looking for, and it only hit the dealership on Monday, and I

bought it on Saturday.

Good Luck in your Search,


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