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Greetings to every lexus owners,

Recently, I've bought '95 LS400 and friend of mine told me that if you own Lexus, you've to become the member of lexusownersclub.com. So, here I am and I think this site is terrific. :)

Okay then, here comes my first question! :P

After I bought my car, I came to know that the brightness of the headlights were different (right is brighter than left). I've tried (up/down) headlight adjustments but, it didn't helped me at all. I think I need to replace the bulb.

Can anyone back me up with headlight replacement information and which bulb would be appropriate for '95 LS400? :whistles:

Thank you in advance.

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Hey Welcome to the club!!!

any H4 bulb will fit but i wpould recommend MTEC brand since i used them and they lasted for a long time. you can get them for ebay around 20$ shipped.

let me know if you will have trouble changing them.

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Thank you for your kind info. I'll try to replace 'em with H4 bulbs(MTEC). Question! Is H4 bulbs(MTEC) xenon bulbs? If not, what xenon bulbs would you recommend for '95 LS400? :D Am I being too inquisive? :whistles:

Respond waiting in progress...

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yeah, UCF3 got a point, as to the MTEC bulbs they are not xenon, xenon kit would cost you around 400$ for dualbeam kit, MTEC is HID like but not real HIDs.

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Message to UCF3: No, I don't think my car's been an accident, and I think one of the bulb's blown(passenger side). One more thing!, today, I've also realized that the color of the headlights (left and right) were different. One's kind of whitish and the other's just look regular(yellow/brown/..?? :P )

Message to VMF: I didn't know xenon lights were that expensive. According to my owner's manual, it recommends 60/55 watt H4 halogen bulbs for headlights (High and low beam). Q1. Shall I replace both high and low beams at time? Q2. Do I have to get those bulbs only through lexus dealers or can it be found at any automobile shops (ie. pepboys, autozone,... etc.) :D


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