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Es 300 92-93

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Hi all,

I'm looking into buying a ES 300 92-93. I called my local Lexus dealership to ask them is there any recurring problem with that car. They told me that the trannys are not that great, and they usually go on those cars. The service guy told me it would cost like 5g's to replace it. He said i'm better off going with a 94 but i dont' have the cash for one. Anybody out there know about this problem or have had this problem?


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Sounds like it is the automatic transmission that cause the grief?

Anyways, good solution!

Since manual 5-speed was only available in 92-93, why not pick one of them up? Much more fun to drive, don't have to worry about an auto tranny, and the initial purchase price is cheaper! That is what I did 2.5 years ago, and I have been very happy!

The only trouble is finsing a 5-speed . . . they are much more rare.

Good luck!


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