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Replacing Brake Rotors On 2000 Lx470


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My LX has had the dreaded brake pulsation since I bought it 10k miles ago. I was about to order some new rotors and pads for it but wanted to make sure the installation is straight forward and that odd tools are not needed. On all my other vehicles I just pull the wheel, pull the caliper and the rotor falls off. Put everything back together, apply some of that grease on the back of the new pad, Torque everything down, and hit the road to break in the pads.

Can anyone here comment on the replacement procedure? Can anyone tell me the torque specs on the caliper bolts?

Secondly, I was planning to only replace the front rotors to see if that corrects the problem. Any thoughts on that idea? If I do the rear end as well, is there anything special I need to know about the e-brake?

Thanks for any and all info on this job! :cheers:

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I had the same thing with the pulsing. The dealer performed a full break job regrinding the rotors and replacing the pads. These things eat breaks because they are so heavy. it was around $369 labor and $114 parts for the front and $188 labor and $70 parts for the rear. All is well now.

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