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Engine Running Rich!


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ok this all happened when i was pulling out of my driveway and got out of the car to put mail in the mail box. when i got back in my car had a rough idle and when i accelerated my tack went to zero which is funny too. my engine seems to be running either extremely rich or there is weak spark. i can smell lots of raw fuel out the exhaust and i thought the caps rotors wires and plug needed replacing. and i did but well no luck but it seems to be running smoother so i am guessing im on the right track. i am going to swap coils from my LS to see if the coils are bad. i remember one of you guys saying that you had a bad coil and had problems. and i looked at the wiring diagrams of the coil and the primary sends a signal to the tach so if thats malfunctioning than that would solve everything.

any thoughts guys?

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