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Slotted Or X-drilled? Or Both?

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I cannot still determine whether I should get slotted or cross drilled rotors for my SC400. Or should I get slotted and cross drilled?

The following is my knowledge as far as rotors go:


Pros-good for keeping the rotor surface clean

Cons-shaves the pad surface


pros:good for heat dissipation

cons: easily cracks

Now, what shall I go for?

Any recommendation on pads?

Thanks. :D

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I have slotted and cross drilled on my gs and love them I havent had any problems with pad life being shortened or cracking I dont even know what that is.Get them both they look sweet .Also if you have rims where your gonna see the hubs get them coated so they dont rust iy is worth it .Dont chince on the pads.

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icic... ^^

Thanks all for your feedback.

About the coating (cadmium), does it fade over time as the rotor wears?

I also thought that the cross-drilled should not (especially when it's a Brembo) crack unless severe stress. Myself not being a street racer, I guess it should be okay to go with slotted/cross-drilled.

Is Axxis pad good?

They have the EBC greenstuff that has some performance aspect.

Do anyone have any opinion?


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