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Serious Electrical Problems, 95 Gs300

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Hey people, what's up? I recently got a used 95 GS300 with 110k miles and when my car is off, there is 1.8 amps being pulled from my battery, which pretty much kills my battery in a day, if i don't drive it. I took it in, the guy at the shop said that he needs some kind of radio call signal to get into the wiring system and figure out whats wrong, which would cost oodles. So I took it over to my uncle, who knows A LOT about cars and we were using the lexus manual to find the fuses, he pulled the dome fuse, that uses 10 amps max, and the voltmeter we were using went straight back down to 0. The car still runs without that fuse, but some things don't work, tilt on steering wheel, radio, clock, power locks. Oddly enough, according to the manual, that fuse powers my sun/moon roof, but it works 100%. I don't really know what to do, or how to diagnose where the short circuit is, if there is one, which is most likely the case. Should I take it in? Or can i do something else, anyone have any suggestions?


Sam Yurick

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