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Gas Prices Gas Mileage Any Good Tips To Improvegas

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i need tips for a sc400 on how to improve the mileage ive already changed the plugs and wire with recommended lexus plugs and wires and new tires and i drive normal sometimes the worst mileage ive gotton is 10 miles pergallon i look at normal 15 miles pergallon i want 20 -22 i need tips on what to do ill do anything :( :huh:

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try replacing your fuel filter, getting a tune up, your 02 sensor could be bad, try not to drive so "spiritedly" try to drive on the highway more to get where you need to get. thats all i can think of for now. check back with you later. see what these things can do for you.

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I average 20mpg with plenty of spirited driving in Washington DC area so I am really impressed with the mileage. I think many of the forum members here claim mid 20s with mix mode (hard to believe) but if you are getting low 10’s, either your car is not in good condition or your right foot is really heavy. Since you have done your usual plugs/wire, have you done your air filter and cap/rotor? Air filter makes a noticeable difference if the current filter is really dirty. Inflate your tire to manufacture recommendation of 35 psi, I use to run with 30 psi for comfort but with recent gas price increase I reverted back to 35psi. I have done few things to maximize the efficiency and still averaging 20 mpg but my SC is the best mileage vehicle I own so I don’t rant too much with $30+ fill-up.

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Well, I used to get about 19-20 MPG for my daily 50 mile roundtrip commute.

Then since I upgraded to the K&N Intake (cone-type air filter) for mere $70 from eBay, I am getting 22MPG!!

I mean it!

From a full tank, after a usual 400+ miles run, the fill up takes about 18.5 gallons.

During a round trip between DC and NJ (250 each way), I scored 25MPG.

Though that's hard to accomplish from my daily commute, there is definitely a vast improvement.

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My SC400 gets about 22mpg and it has 223k miles. The only thing I did was a tune up @120K miles. I'd check the filters, tire pressure, etc...

If that doesn't work I'd put it on 'puter and see what it tells you.


02 SC430

00 RX300

95 SC400

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I get 24-27mpg on long highway trips. I have NGK iridium spark plugs, a Ram FX foam filter, properly inflated Goodyear Eagle F1 tires and use chevron techron fuel additive every 6,000 miles and keep the overdrive button on the shifter on to improve highway mileage. City driving mileage is 14-17mpg. I use Mobil one oil and nippon or advantex oil filters. If your mileage is very low check to see that your overdrive is on which decreases your rpm at highway speeds and try adding 20 0z of techron fuel additive when you fill your tank to clean your intake ,valves and injectors.

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