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Ink On Leather Seats

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I'm not so sure you will be able to. Ballpoint pen will come out but I don't know about straight ink pens.

I would find a detailer in your area that specializes in stain removal.

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Others might be able to tell you for sure if I am wrong (which is possilbe), but I have heard some use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser & get out lots of stuff. This might be beyond the capabilities of the eraser, but it might be something to consider. SWO, do you think this would help any?

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Mr. Magic Eraser cleaner might help but like on everything else try it in a very small corner of a seat or something. Because I used it on a Taupe Leather of an Acura Legend and it made some lines of the seats light green or have light green tint in them.

I would go to a pro for this because I won't want to mess up my brand new leather. :whistles:

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~One man’s opinion / observations ~

Ink stains:

Some ballpoint ink stains can be sponged clean using 303™ Cleaner & Spot Remover. If this doesn't completely remove the stain, the other alternative is to use Isopropyl alcohol (or hairspray)

With all cleaning products, always test a small, indiscrete area first to ensure it won’t discolour or stain the surface, and ensure that the pH of the product is suitable for the material.

~Hope this helps~

Experience unshared; is knowledge wasted…/ Jon

justadumbarchitect * so I question everything *

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did the same thing to mine, however, as a final step I used a tan colored shoe polish to fad in the lines. Looks completely gone. If yours is completely gone now obviously leave alone, but if you can see the lines, the shoe polish is what pro's use to cover.


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My daugther wrote on the leather back seat using a PILOT pen. How can I remove the ink safely? Help!

This is amazing. I just put up a post about my daughter who also did some drawing on my leather seats with an ink PILOT pen. What's the deal with daughters, leather seats and PILOT pens anyway? I happened to be at my Lexus dealer yesterday for routine service and inquired about how to deal with it. They told me to use Denatured Alcohol. He said that's what the pros use. He just warned me to be very gentle with it as hard rubbing would take the dye right out of the seats. Sounds like based on your experience the alcohol worked.



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