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'95 Engine In A '93?

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My brother has a '93 es300 lying around that he wants to give to me. It has no engine, but he recently got a '95 engine. We now want to know if it will work, and if so, is there anything special that would have to be done to it. Any help would be appreciated.

P.S. I've always been a Honda/Acura lover (still am), but the mods that I see you guys have on your ES's, I now have a greater appreciation for them. I am now psyched about getting the car and can't wait.)

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To be honest, I'm not sure. I don't think he knows either. But, from your post, i get the impression that only certain engines would work. If so, could you get into some detail, please? Thanks in advance. I'm leaving to go look at it now, when I get back, I'll have some info, probably.

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it is a totally different engine

it is only a V6 and 3.0L other than that nothing is similar for sensors ,egr wiring acoustic induction.

basically you need the wiring harness and the computers to be transfered as well. Also the trannies won't fit together

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Thanks a lot for the help. We're gonna try to get the '95 motor sold, get a few bucks for it and put that towards getting a '93. We might call up the Lexus dealership or find a good junkyard. Anyways, thanks a lot. Will keep u posted.

By the way, saw the car for the first time, it is CLEAN. All it needs is the engine and a good washing. I'm now downloading the manual for detailing the car, cuz as soon as I get it, that's what I'm gonna do. I have to try to keep up with u guys, even if this is to be my first car.

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