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Leak In Rear


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Yesterday I was clearing some clutter from the car (92SC400) and noticed the flloor mat was wet. I removed it and saw that the floor was wet as well, not damp, but pretty wet. It was pretty well localized to the floor on the passenger side. I looked for leaks at the Sun roof, noe. Notheing wet by the windows, or on the inside rear side panels. I dried it out pretty much yesterday. This am I checked again at is was soaked (it ranined last night). Again the only place effected was as above

Any ideas


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Check under your car for missing caps. I found some dampness on the passenger side of the car every time I drove on rainy days. I have found a missing cap that exposed the hole, which allowed rain to get inside the car. Not sure of the purpose but I found many more under the car but all had the caps on. Hole I found was under the passenger side towards the front of the unibody little before the arch. You should lift the car and see all the caps are in place.

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