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I got the transponder to work per instructions. Locks and unlocks doors. :D

But I can't start the car with it. The metal portion is cut differently than the master. Am I supposed to get a key blank, then have it cut the same as the master key? I looked in Ebay for key blanks and they had tons. But the ad copy's say the blanks have to be programmed... :confused:

But the blanks are just metal...how can they be programmed? Help!

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This is how it works.

You get a blank, uncut key. The key containes a transponder (to start the car) and a transmitter to open the doors and trunk.

You get the blank cut and then program the key's transponder to the car. Next you program the transmitter to the locks. You already know how to do the transmitter so now you get to do the key.

To program the transponder, you must follow "BE–231" in the following directions, registering additional master key.

I would advise you obtain a blank, uncut key such as http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...&category=33723 You will of course have to either have your stealer cut it, or find a locksmith with a Framon Sidewinder 4-Track key cutting machine http://www.framon.com/sd1.html who can cut it for you. I can recommend http://www.lexus-parts.com/partdetail.asp?...ubCategoryID=22 as another source. The key will come cut and ready to program. The shipping was a little salty ($13.61 & $14.74 tax) the last time I checked though. You may find it just as economical to go to your local stealer.

I recommend programming the new key as an additional master key as opposed to a sub-key. The reason is, if you need any keys in the future, you will need a master key to program them, not a sub-key.

If the one working key you have is already programmed as a sub-key, you will not be able to use it to program additional keys. If this is the case, the only thing you can do is take the working sub-key and the new key (to be programmed) to your dealer and have them program both of them as masters using the Lexus computer. Most likely, any key with a transmitter (valet keys are grey with no transmitter) will be programmed as a master.

You will end up with two master keys, either of which alone will enable you to program additional keys in the future.

"Ain't no Chevy is it?" :cheers:


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Did the instruction for registering the transmitter work for anyone here? I tried it and it did not work for me. :(

I read at SamsCars.com (http://www.samscars.com/gf82.html) that there is an error in the instruction.

"For those of you that are unfamiliar, IATN is a worldwide database of automotive technicians that exchange information, training and even meet at conferences throughout the country. I went to the IATN web site and clicked on the Fix Database. The Fix Database is available to sponsoring members and allows you search through over 129,000 repair fix messages by make and model. I selected 2001 Lexus and typed in the search word "key." Within seconds I found the information I needed. A shop owner in Scottsdale Arizona had gone through the same problem trying to program a new transmitter key. Several Lexus technicians had replied that the service manual had an error and the actual procedure to program the keys was slightly different. I printed out the new procedure and it worked on both cars."

Does anyone happen to know what this error is? Thanks in advance.

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