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'auto' Button On Center Rear View Mirror


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although I have repair manuals for both of my 97 LS4 and 96 SC4, but I don't have owner's manuals for neither.

can any1 tell me what does the 'auto' button on center overhead rear-view mirror do?

it puzzled me that when I pressed it, and it didn't do nothing.....

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ok, you had a 94 LS that got wrecked right? I have a 94 also. If you remember on you rear view mirror on your 94, when you pressed it the mirror dimmed. thats sort of what the auto mirror does on your newer vehicle(s). when the auto feature is turned on, during the day the rear view mirror will stay at full brightness, at night when the headlights of cars behind you shine into the light sensor that is right next to the auto button, the mirror will dim. the dash lights dim with the dimmer knob just like your 94. i hope this clears up any and all confusion

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ahhhha! I got it now! thanks, SW03ES and 1UZ!

chazglenn3, thanks for the hint! will try it out...

FYI, 'wandawoods' is simply the street name where my parant's house is on. i'm a 44-years old full-grown male happily married for 22-years now. 'wanda' does make it sound like a gal, u know.....

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