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Latest Pic Of My Gs With The New Suspension On...

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B) Ok just put two and two together. Have we met? spoke on the phone? You were at SEMA at the Junction Booth.......? ( this car right ) I took some photos with this car along with my brother and some other older Japanese guy. I spoke Japanese with him for a while. I lived in Japan and loved my copies of VIP. Well I dreamed and drooled on them :rolleyes: I need a fusa in silver....my white one is dead. Thanks man LEXO ( Jason in Utah )

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That is a very nice ride man! So you said air cylinder setup right? Does this mean that you can raise and lower your car at will? Like drop it for pics and then have a raise it for every day driving?

Yes. :D

And John, show off! ;) :lol: :P

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