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Cruise Into Summer At A Major Meet On Li


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I'm sad to say that the ES group of guys was poorly represented at the Floyd Bennett Field meet.

I was looking forward to seeing the highly detailed , purple/black jewel owned by SW03ES, but NO, even though he said, "I'm in". :P

I knew that steviej wouldn't be there because of business commitments.

There were only 2 ES's there, one of which was mine.

A bunch of IS300's, GS300's/400's, 430's, SX300's/400's. 1 or 2 LS400's/430's.

Most all the guys were from Club Lexus.

Anyway, it was a nice meet with nice friendly guys.

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Yep, I was the other ES repped at the meet, as well as the white '97 ES owned by FLiP. I too was looking forward to a sizable profile of the ES's at the meet, but alas it is what it is. It was very nice though meeting you, Alan w/ your silver '03 ES and seeing the spoiler. I liked how the car looked clean, and I'm quite surprised it did not need constant cleaning routines to make it look really clean :D

At any rate, I of course had to stay at the meet the entire time because of my coordination duties, and it seemed overall that we couldn't have picked a better day for a luxury car meet. The weather was much better than at the last meet, and there were SO many beautiful cars, it's unbelievable! I plan to post up all the pics in the CL forum, and will give a link back here for anyone's viewing pleasure.

Here's a teaser pic for now ;)

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Here's the link to all the pictures taken at the Brooklyn NY meet (courtesy of Clublexus.com):


I have to say that one thing I liked most from the meet was the fact that a fellow member told me how he was impressed to see NO swirl marks on my black ES. I guess that tells me my detailing/waxing routine has been up to snuff :D B)

Attached a pic of my ES at the rest area before the meet.

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Doug, I have copied your link to a new thread in the Club Meetings Forum seciton too. This way people that don't cruise the ES Forum will have access to the incredible pictures of all those beautiful rides. I am so mad that i wasn't there, but if I don't work, then I don't have the Lex.

Next time I'm there.

Steve, ever so sorry about you loss. As an animal lover, I know the pain of the decision and the loss. You and your fiance are in my thoughts. :(


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Thank you Steve, especially hard because I've had her for so long, she would have been 14 next month. She'd been real sick the past year though and it was time to let her go. We're keeping busy by discussing what kind of pet we're going to get probably sometime this fall.

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