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So i've heard of this guy with a 2002 Acua RSX-S, hes always raccing people and winning. I dont think he has any modifications to his car. This past week hes been challenging me to race him, i wanna beat him really badly and show him lexus is best. Do you think my 1992 sc400 has any chance against a 2002 rsx-s?

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go race him, have a good start and ul EAT that rsx type-s. i will vouch for it, i have both. for some reasons those rsx's aren't as fast as the magazines rates it.

i actaully have a buddy that dropped the japanese rsx type-r motor in his rsx. now THAT you will not have one chance. he had a racing ecu and exhaust too. he smoked me real good, i would say that is a 14.00 second car.

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if you are sure his car is stock, you can take out the resonators for your exhaust ($40), ground your engine ($20), take out the spare tire (free), make a bfi ($10), and i guarantee you'll take him. but him being a 6-spd, you wouldnt want to race more than a quarter mile.

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its only a v6 though

I can't believe in this day and age of information people still say things like this. My "other" car has half the displacement and half the cylinders of my SC, yet still manages to be ~3 seconds quicker 0-60 than my SC. Using the number of cylinders as the only way to judge a car's speed will get you beat in a hurry. Go find yourself a lowly 6-cylinder 996TT to race.

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Its all about the design the WRX the evolution are 4 cylinders and there pushing 300 hp, the STI does 0-60 in 4.2.

Its not the size of the engine its the weight of the car and the work done to it

Yeah, it cracks me up that just people seem to think that anything with 8 cylinders is fast. It reminds me of why I always had little respect for V8 owners before I bought my SC. For every 11-second car, there was ten 15-second idiots blabbing about how fast they were. I love me SC, but the fact is, it's a slow !Removed! that isn't going to get much faster without cubic dollars. It's a big, heavy, comfortable cruiser that was never meant to compete with sport compacts or muscle cars. I could care less if someone has a faster Honda, since I didn't buy this car to go fast in. The attitude of "I own a V8, therefore I'm fast" is going to get you laughed at by many a' four-banger, so I'd suggest dropping that attitude or start reaching deep into your wallet.

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